Professional Property Maintenance & Repair Services

Professional Lee Done commercial property maintenance

Keeping your property well maintained protects the value of the asset. This not only helps protect your investment, but it ensures that you will attract higher quality tenants. It also allows you to command the highest possible rental rates.

Proactive professional maintenance helps to increase safety for your tenants, their guests and the public – which protects you from potential legal liability issues. Neglected maintenance issues can create unsafe conditions, creating the possibility for premises liability or negligence claims.

Maintaining a residential or commercial real estate asset can substantially reduce the cost of repairs, by addressing any potential issues before a major system failure.

To ensure high quality work, we use only our own qualified team members or licensed, professional contractors and tradespeople. In addition, we have established relationships with a variety of highly qualified vendors, which saves money on any necessary maintenance or repair work.

We coordinate all service calls directly with the tenant, so you never have to worry.

What we do for you

Property Turnovers

In between tenants, we step in to clean up any messes left with our junk removal services. We ensure that the property is in professional, pristine condition to prepare for the next tenants. We also perform an inspection and make any needed repairs before new tenants come in.

Property Service and Renovation Needs

If any renovation needs arise, we act quickly to take care of the renovations. You may choose to have work done between tenants as well. Either way, we will make quick work, whether big or small, with as little inconvenience as possible. We can perform a full property inspection to determine your property needs. Then, we handle all the electrical, heating and air, and plumbing services to make sure the home or property is in shape and up to code.

If you decide to do a remodel, we will take care of all the renovation, drywall, and painting. We can also do weatherproofing to your entire property. You will never need to look elsewhere for your needs. Our company provides complete remodeling and renovation services.

Year-Round Care

We also offer year-round yard care for your property. We have professional landscaping and gardening personnel to care for your yard. Your tenants never need to feel pressured to take care of the yard themselves, which they will appreciate. And as the winter months arrive, we have snow removal services to keep the driveways and walkways clear.

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